Hunting and Fishing

Offer hunting and fishing trips

For wild nature lovers we offer exciting adventures in unexplored locations of Mongolia. Experiences that you have never experienced are guaranteed!

Our czech company was estabilsihed in Mongolia 10 years ago. Therefore we had time to experinece Mongolia enviroment and gather all skills. We are ready to serve you all best what Mongolia can offer along with reliable guides and quality equipment.We all love advantures and fun, but take pride in safety. We always preserve interests of the Mongolian Nature and the people who live there.

We are able to organize hunts for the ibex, gazelles and wild sheep, additionally also on wild pigs, deer and wolves and bears. Fishing on Ugi and Nuur lakes and rivers and Khuvsgul throughout Mongolia.

Hunting and Fishing trips are planned according to your wishes. We will take care of you all trip long.We will help you with tranportation,hunt assistance and to prepare your trophy and schedule in the city. We would like to have enough time to listen your needs and wishes and plan everything securely. Please contact us at least 3months before your arrival to Mongolia.

You can rely on us, that we provide you:

We offer accomodation in tents or in yurt camps.

Yurta tent

If you are interested, please contact our contact form.